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Many of you recently received an email regarding a Big Boy Sweepstakes.

The email attracted a lot of attention, so much so that the surge of traffic in response to it almost took down our web server! However, it also attracted the attention of a couple of attorneys who pointed out that what we were attempting to do was not entirely legal.

After further review of the the legalities involved, we have decided to terminate this sweepstakes. Those of you who purchased Sweepstakes Entries for $14.95 will receive a full refund of your purchase.

Some of you purchased subscriptions as a result of this promotion. If you now wish to cancel that subscription purchase, please email me with that request and I will personally take care of it for you.

Obviously I should have researched this a little more before we launched this promotion. My apologies.


Rich Melvin, CEO
OGR Publishing, Inc.