January 2010
Run 240 Table of Contents

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Meet Max Warfel, A Train Savvy Teen
Bob Dyer's O/On30 Combo Layout

Tinplate Epiphany

John Ciccarelli, Weathering a Starter Set 0-8-0
Make Your Own FasTrack Insulated Sections
The Layout for All Seasons - Year-round Scenery

Starting Over by Bill Bramlage

Atlas/IR 4-4-2
Williams SD-90
Atlas/IR P70 passenger cars

Readers Photos from:
Matt Bushong - Phil Bender - Victor George - Bob Bensinger - Greg Catanese

OGR Backshop Foreman Jim Barrett answers repair questions from our readers.

MTH Refrigerator Cars
St. Charles Model Works loads
Arttista figure sets
Bachmann On30 Wood “Side-Door” Caboose
Shelf Trax Display Shelves
Atlas 50-ft Double-Door Boxcar
Die-Cast Direct 34 Fords
Deben Enginehouse
Woodland Scenics Figures

The MPC “Royal Limited” Set

The New Carpet Central:
Assembling The Layout and Wiring for Command Control

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