June/July 2010
Run 243 Table of Contents

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Dave Viale's marvelous 2-rail O scale layout

Suspending Disbelief

The Age of Steam Roundhouse

Lionel's Santa Fe F3s: The Road to Realism
Don Woodwell, Building Fox Hill Lumber

California Gold - Part 2
Dave Viale's 2-rail Layout
Marvin Wait's 3-rail Layout

Bill Bramlage conducts a "Sky Clinic"
Jim Policastro shows you how to make cliffs

Lance's letter and photos from Afghanistan

Lionel GP-7 Passenger Set
Williams by Bachmann Starter Set

Some great photos from:
Bill Cheplick
Jim Apitz
Duane Hale
Jim Policastro
Mike Lee
Bruce Dombey

Replacement lights for K-Line heavyweights

SMR 4-4-0
TrainWorx Lionel Bridge
Atlas 8,000 gal. Master Line tank cars
Bridgeboss Train Sheds
3rd Rail 2-10-10-2 Virginian
Diecast Direct Divco Dairy Delivery Truck
Milwaukee Lionel Club boxcar
Bart's Pneumatics Trainorama
Woodland Scenics figure sets
ACE British locomotives

A Fragile Treasure: A Pristine Prewar Lionel Tunnel

Conventional Sound

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