June/July 2011
Run 250 Table of Contents

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“Night Scenes”

250 for OGR...25 for Me

Our 250th issue

The OGR Father's Day Gift Guide
Eliot Weisman's layout
Eliot Sher, The All-Important Ash Pit
The Evolution of a Vision
Terry Johnson layout

Making a Kiddie Control Panel

3rd Rail North Shore Line Silverliners
Atlas WP F3-Phase 2 A-B-B

Santa Fe 2-6-2: There's a prototype for everything

Photos from:
Greg Reimann
Bill Pyper
Ron Mauch
Daniel Kleine
Jim Policastro

Quick, easy, and versatile wire hangers

3rd Rail B&O T3 4-8-2
Weaver GP38 (Conrail & B&M)
Woodland Scenics Scenic Accents
“I Love Toy Trains” Video
GGD Broadway Limited
Weirton Steel MTH uncatalogued train set
Silk City Bridge
Atlas Trinity Hopper

Entenmann Cars

Prairie on the Prairie

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