August/September 2011
Run 251 Table of Contents

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Dave Allen's winning entry in our Layout on a Door contest

O Gauge International

Dave Allen's Door Layout
Dave Hikel, Using MTH ScaleTrax
John Ciccarelli, The Lou Holtz Museum Layout
Jim DiMeo, TMCC Ground Planes
Bob Cebula Layout

Bill Parisi, Action-packed LEDs

MTH General Electric U25B
Williams by Bachmann E7

“Back in the day” A photo by Matt Bushong

Some great photos from:
Ron Sedgley, Don McCuaig, Jack Mathias, Joseph Lanzaretta and Jim Shaw

Create a Deadman's Switch

7 letters from OGR readers

Public Delivery Truck: Weaver TOFC
HSL Lionel Catalog Archive, 1900-24
H&J Ferns
R&L Lines Track Scrubbing Car
TM Lionel Repair DVD
RMLI Submarine Flatcar
Little American Works Bridges
Woodland Scenics Trees
Seneca Junction PS-1 Boxcar

The Desirables

Cruising with Commander M

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