January 2012
Run 254 Table of Contents

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Jim & Linda Quick's Red Pine River Railroad

Command Control Convert

David Smith's Marx Christmas layout
Jim Policastro, Tour Cars
Ralph & Laura Averill's Door Layout
Peter Riddle, Lionel's Heritage Series

Bill Bramlage Creates Some Fireworks!

Ready Made Toys - A little "Beep" started it all...

The MTH Dash-8 and the 3rd Rail GN 2-6-8-0 M2

Pictures from:
Mike Caruso
Bobby Daniels/Ron Timma
Tom Medicus
Brian Vail

Backshop Foreman Jim Barrett shows you how to put dead space to good use.

Menards Structures or Menards Billboards
Atlas Switch Controller Box
Woodland Scenics (2nd & 3rd new buildings)
Kalmbach Lionel Showroom Layouts Book
3rd Rail “Short Line” series
TM Books--2 videos
NLOE C420 locomotive
HSL Archives: Lionel Inside Track

A Painless Way to Upgrade Lionel Conventional Geeps...well, maybe...

Switch on Command

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