October/November 2012
Run 259 Table of Contents

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Jim Teeple's 3-Rail Layout honors small-town America

Rail Tales

Eliot Scher builds a curved grade crossing
Bobby Daniels seasonal layout
Jerry Mickey's layout
Steve Phetterplace - The train-truck-pumpkin mishap

Alan Arnold builds an oil tank using a Christmas tree ornament
Peter Riddle shows you how to service Lionel Prewar locomotives

David Smith shows how to set up remote control for O27 manual switches

Two Pennsylvania Railroad products
3rd Rail PRR E7s (5-stripe)
MTH PRR starter set

Norfolk Southern Heritage units at Spencer Shops
photos by Larry Harrington

Great photos from
Bill Bramlage
Mike Caruso
Jerry Zaret
Dante Marinari
John Penca, Jr.

25 more favorite Backshop articles with Jim Barrett

WBB Greyhound Set
HSL tablet version catalogs
Lionel Tank Car Accident
Woodland Scenics Scene-A-Rama
RMT Towers
Atlas O tank car
Dupont Teflon Lubricant
Darstaed Locomotive and Vans
Menards Garden Center
Whitison Ballast

The Great Leap Backward - The Lionel "Button Box"

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