December 2013
Run 267 Table of Contents

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Bill Miller's Christmas layout

Growing or Slowing?
Alternative views of the state of the hobby, -or-
A Great and Very Versatile Hobby

THREE Great layouts in this issue!

Brian Vaill's Christmas in the City layout
Bill Miller's Christmas layout
David Smith and his Storable Layout

In the Observation Car, Bill Bramlage shows us
his whimsical portrayal of the "Scale Police"

Alex Muller Builds the John Galt Research Center
Peter Riddle, Maximum Action/Minimum Space

Eliot Scher - "Hide & Peek"
Hiding lighting in an open power plant

The Lionel Legacy H7 2-8-8-2
The RMT GG1 and N5c

Jay Brown - Metrolink's Holiday Train

Photos from...
Ken Schaumberger
Jeff Filipek
Jim Steed
Jerry Thomas
Daniel Gura
Bob Harris
Gary Noel

Building A New Layout: Part 2 - Making Beautiful Backdrops

Miller Engineering Life Savers Sign & Drunken Clam Sign
3rd Rail Timken 4-Aces 4-8-4
Menard's "Camaraderie" Bar & Grill
Woodland Scenics Landmark Structures Kits (2 ea.)
Bachmann E-Z Streets Auto
TCA Metro. Div. TOFC
3 New Woodland Scenics Built-Up Structures

Lionel's Modern Hell Gate Bridge

Vehicle Trains

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