June/July 2014
Run 271 Table of Contents

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Greg Annett's Impressive 3-Rail Layout

Has the Bubble Burst?

Cover Feature - Greg Annett's Layout
with photos by Norm Charbonneau

Mike Bennette Keeps Memories Alive
An Area 51 Diorama by John Ciccarelli

Making Choker Cables for MOW Loads
by Daniel Kleine

Dunham Studios
A fascinating look at the talent of layout builder Clarke Dunham
by Jim Barrett

Weaver B&M P4 4-6-2
Two Lionel LionChief Sets

Photos from...
Mark Solakian
Joseph Cassiday, Jr.
Jim LaCalle
Bill Laughland
David Freeman

“Freeloaders” by Bill Bramlage

Jim Barrett continues building his layout!
In this issue, he shows how to lay roadbed and track

Diecast Direct Accessories
Trainpaper.com software
CTTA Tank Car
Korber Models Assembled Structures

The OGR Cars from MTH

Days of Yesteryear

“Tour Season” by Jim Policastro

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