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The Flis Family Lines by Larry Flis

Publisher’s Corner

Are You a Lone Wolf or a Groupie?

Editor’s Corner

GHI Syndrome

Feature Layouts

    Take a Tour on the Flis Family Lines

    Larry Flis
  • Verticality for Your Layout
    Donald Keiser
  • Absaroka Mine Railroad
    Ken Hoganson
  • Modeling Marghuerita’s Margaritas
    Gary Beatty

Product Reviews by Eric Siegel

  • Lionel VisionLine Santa Fe 2-10-10-2
  • Lionel EMD SW8

Collector’s Gallery

Some Personal Favorites
O Gauge Collectible Trolleys

Team Track with Dave Minarik

DCS Nuts and Bolts – Part 2

Product Showcase

  • Union Pacific Rocket Booster Train by Lionel
  • Tagged Coil Cars by Lionel
  • Premium Flats from Menards

Second Section

  • City Lights by Drew Stronczer
  • Build a Better Ice House by Joseph Fauty

Readers’ Rails

Photos from Jack Smith, Jack Hedge, and Joseph Kreiss

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