Meet The OGR Staff

The OGR Story

Alan Arnold
Partner, CEO and Publisher

Alan Arnold joined the OGR team in July 2013 as our Advertising Sales Manager. On November 1, 2017 Alan took over the role of Publisher from Rich Melvin. He was also made a partner in the company. On September 1, 2018, Alan was appointed CEO of OGR Publishing, Inc.

Alan attended the University of Arkansas and graduated with degrees in architecture and secondary education. In the early 90’s, Alan obtained a Marketing Associate from Gannett. He held several positions with Gannett, including Television Advertising and Marketing Director for Reynolds Media, Executive Sales Director in radio sales for Gray Media/Malvern Entertainment, Sales Manager/Website Development for VisionAmp Marketing and was the Key Accounts Manager for Gannett.

Alan is an active O scale modeler, with a huge 3-rail layout.

Lakeeta Arnold
CFO and Subscription Manager

LaKeeta Arnold joined the OGR staff in 2018 as CFO/Office Manager working with subscriptions, invoicing, and clerical duties. She has a diverse work experience over her professional career starting out in clothing sales which is responsible for her love of clothing and her "shop till I drop" attitude to this day. Her professional training and experience includes being the Office Manager for a prominent photography studio where she not only modeled but assisted directly in the production of photos involving negative masking, prop development, and marketing product.

After leaving the photography business, LaKeeta joined the long term care industry by becoming a certified nursing home/assisted living administrator where she started as an office manager in a local nursing home and advanced her position over several years to become the administrator of a large nursing facility which was part of a corporation owning multiple establishments throughout the state. Later, LaKeeta moved from long term care into the medical profession and served in a medical clinic where she worked as a receptionist as well as in medical insurance billing and payments.

LaKeeta has also ventured into real estate by completing the Camp Real Estate School course work.

Allan Miller
Partner and Editor-in-Chief

Allan Miller joined the OGR staff in October 2007, after having retired as Senior Editor for News and Information at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Allan is a career journalist with extensive experience as a military information officer, combat photojournalist, newspaper photo and graphics editor, university level journalism educator, and managing editor with several major publishers. He is the author of four model railroading books and has edited some 100 books on diverse subjects relating to hobbies, collectibles, and antiques. His hands-on experience in the model railroading hobby is equally diverse, with prior or current involvement in Z, N, HO, O, On30, and G scales. Allan’s O gauge interests focus on the prototype Alaska Railroad, U.S. Army Transportation Corps railroading, and various trolley and traction lines.

Allan’s other major activities include volunteer work at a local animal shelter, growing a collection of Henry firearms, and serving as a director with his homeowners association. He is a Life Member of the National Model Railroad Association and is an active member of the Train Collectors Association.

Ed Boyle
Partner and Collector's Gallery Editor

Ed Boyle started his advertising/marketing career in the imported car business, working for Volkswagen of America and Porsche + Audi as a Regional Advertising Manager for New England.

In 1991 Ed started writing for OGR “just for fun” and wound up as a full time OGR staffer. In 2002, when OGR was purchased from Myron Biggar, Ed became a partner in OGR Publishing Inc.

Ed is our resident train collector who is in his words is, “…surrounded by a sea of O gauge operators.” Ed is fascinated by both the history and the technological developments of toy trains, and that curiosity is reflected in his “Collector’s Gallery” columns and other feature stories he writes for OGR.

Dave Minarik
Team Track Editor

Dave Minarik joined the OGR staff in January 2021.

Dave's work has appeared in the pages of OGR many times. A photo of his home layout first appeared on the cover of OGR Run 234, our February/March 2009 issue. That layout, which models Pennsylvania’s Union Railroad, was also documented in depth as our cover feature for Run 249 (April/May 2011), and it is also featured in the OGR Great Layout Adventures Vol. 12 video. And his Mercer Junction Train Shoppe store layout was the cover feature for Run 257 (June/July 2012). Always a firm believer that no layout is ever really finished, Dave’s large home layout has been extensively updated since 2011.

In addition to being a talented model railroader, Dave also operated a retail train store called Mercer Junction, in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Dave closed the shop at the end of 2020, in part due to the impact the COVID-19 crisis had on many businesses, and also due to the impending closure of MTH Electric Trains. Mercer Junction was, to a significant degree, primarily an MTH dealer.

OGR is delighted to have Dave aboard as an Associate Editor for our new Team Track column.

Max Harris
Social Media Manager

 Max Harris is the social media manager for O Gauge Railroading.

A lifelong train enthusiast, Max owes his passion to both of his grandfathers for creating family traditions that he is proud to carry on. Max is both an O Scale and HO Scale modeler, and is the president of the Penn State Model Railroad Club, where he goes to college. Max has also worked with several historic and tourist railroads in an effort to learn more about the railroad industry.

Along with trains, Max is a talented musician, a skilled photographer, and an avid mountain biker.