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8444, The Greyhound Legend

8444, The Greyhound Legend

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Union Pacific 4-8-4 number 844 was the last new steam locomotive built for the Union Pacific Railroad. She was one of forty-five 4-8-4’s used in regular passenger service on the Union Pacific. The 844 was never retired, and has been on the Union Pacific Locomotive Roster her entire life. In 1989, she set out on her busiest season in years. Kicking off the schedule was a special train out of Omaha, Nebraska. 844 pulled a freight train across Nebraska on her way to Omaha. It was the longest and heaviest freight train she had pulled since 1960.

Freight and passenger car consists, 65-mile per hour pacing, and plenty of trackside action make “The Greyhound Legend” an exciting video!

Digitally re-mastered, this videos bring you a full hour of great steam action!

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