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Berkshires...Best of a Breed

Berkshires...Best of a Breed

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Berkshires: Best of a Breed

This video takes a look at NKP Berkshire No. 765 running from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Cleveland, Ohio. Then it's down to West Virginia's New River Gorge between Huntington and Hinton. You'll see 765 in some of the most beautiful country the United States has to offer. Watch as she lifts 30 cars up the 0.46% grade of Cotton Hill at over 30 miles per hour. Scenic places like Hawks Nest, Thurmond, and Stretchers Neck Tunnel, are all here for you to enjoy. Pacing, in-cab scenes, and plenty of lineside action are in this action-packed video!

Nickel Plate Summer

During the summer of 1988, the Norfolk Southern Railroad started operating steam-power excursions system-wide. This program highlights two massive steam locomotives, NKP 765 and N&W 1218. Both locomotives ran the ex-Nickel Plate Road main between Bellevue, Ohio and Buffalo, New York. You'll see the locomotives on many of the NKP's bridges as the run this famous mainline route.

70 minutes

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