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Collector's Series, Volume 2

Collector's Series, Volume 2

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“Thundering Rails”
Here's a true classic! This film was  shot on eight major roads with a special focus on the Pennsylvania. You'll see steam and diesel locomotives from 1949. You'll see incredible action sequences impossible to recreate today - both the motive power and the four track mains are gone. Highlights include watching four abreast Sharknose Diesels running across the Marysville Bridge over the Susquehanna River, two sets of Alco PAs overtaking you at 75 mph in a scene shot from the observation car of another passenger train, plus many other scenes shot on the N&W, B&O, Southern Railway, Burlington, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and Rock Island.

This old classic is a stunning visual experience you will enjoy. Our video master was made from the only print of this film known to have survived the passage of time with the entire opening sequence intact. Black & White.

“Clear Track Ahead”
Here is a very rare Pennsylvania Railroad film from the late 1940s. This old film takes you back to the beginning of the Pennsylvania Railroad in the 1840s and follows the growth of the road into the 1940s. The program is filled with great trackside and on-board scenes of K4s, GG-1s and the best footage of Pennsylvania RR S1 duplexes we know of. The film shows a duplex leaving Harrisburg westbound over the Marysville Bridge and the long shots of the train on the bridge are great! You’ll also see a duplex at top speed going nowhere in the famous Altoona test plant. The program closes with the classic shot of 2 steam locomotives, a diesel and a GG-1 electric all moving together down the four track main, creating a “wall of locomotives.” Black & White.

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