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Sacramento Steam Showcase

Sacramento Steam Showcase

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Celebrate the power of steam and the majesty of railroading in the greatest gathering of railroad equipment in nearly 50 years as the California State Railroad Museum commemorates its tenth anniversary. Berkshire’s video coverage showcases many of the locomotives on their travels across the United States, as well as Railfair itself. Experience the thunder, hiss, rumble, and roar at the railroad event of the decade, Railfair ‘91.

Union Pacific doubleheader with 844 & 3985 from Salt Lake City to Sacramento through the Feather River Canyon
Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 from Portland, OR to Sacramento, CA running on the famous Shasta Division.
Sierra Railway No. 3 on the Santa Fe main between Riverbank & Stockton, CA.
Southern Pacific 2472 on her maiden run from South San Francisco to Sacramento
Interior displays at the California State Railroad Museum
Southern Pacific doubleheader with 2472 and 4449 from Sacramento to Oakland, CA.
Railfair 91 activities including the VIP performance of the Railroad Musical Revue.


  • B&O’s Lafayette & Tom Thumb
  • Stockton & Darlington #1
  • Highland Railway #397
  • Great Northern Railway #1247
  • Virginia & Truckee #22
  • Eureka & Palisade #4
  • Phoenix Marble Co. #1
  • Hillcrest Lumber Co. #1
  • Union Pacific #4466
  • Bear Harbor Lumber Co. #1
  • EMD FT #103 Demonstrator Set
  • Union Pacific DDA40X #6936
  • Santa Fe F7 Warbonnets
  • Santa Fe Super Fleet diesels

90 minutes

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